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Elf's Diary Entry #2 - New Year New Resolutions


2014 has been a brilliant year. A tough year, but a year all about carrying out ones ideas, being entrepenurial and working hard, despite difficulties. As it draws to a close, and I sit patientily waiting for my train to take me back to the manic eccentricities of my Mum and Dad, I have decided to round of the year by summarising the cool things I achieved this 2014 and the resolutions I need for 2015. Feel free to hold me to all the resolutions. I need someone to tell me off.


Things I went and did this 2014:

JANUARY - Wrote a Childrens show, Princess Taz & The Fearsome Forest, about Politics and the Green Party. It was performed at the Etcetera Theatre in January and the PBH Free Fringe in August. It was nominated for a Fringe Sustainability award. I am never touching another puppet again.

FEBRUARY - Went to Dublin - those four days of drinking Guinness sum up February.


MARCH - Started the Book & Booze Club, underwent surgery, got a puppy, started work as a volunteer at SPOTLIGHT in Langdon Park.

APRIL- Celebrated one year of the Secret Comedians at Paper Dress Vintage, Shoreditch.

MAY - Performed Pervert for one last time in May at the Brighton Fringe at Upstairs at Three & Ten. Wrote & performed a one hour solo performance art piece called Please Resuscitate (mentored by Stacy Makishi) about my relationship and love for Lana Del Rey and society's relationship with prostittution

JUNE - Turned 23 and performed Underground Success at the Balham Fringe alongside volunteering at Tandem Festival.

JULY - Ran the London 10k for Sue Ryder and raised over £500.

AUGUST- Wrote & performed Underground Success at the Edinburgh Fringe at the Voodoo Rooms for the entire month. Nearly had scurvy.

SEPTEMBER - Went to Normandy, perfected the art of fishing, read tons. Wrote the new show. Started writing for Pippa Says.

OCTOBER - Became a Ping-Pong Master & finally won Z LIST DEAD LIST with my knowledge of Theresa Berkely. Performed Underground Success for a final time at Leicester Square Theatre.

NOVEMBER - Performed three Works-in-Progress shows of my new comedy show Being Barbarella and was mentored by Laurence Marks on how to write a comedy sitcom.

DECEMBER - Mastered a Masters in Theatre & Performance from Queen Mary University, London.



- Work harder.

- Act more.

- Absolutely ACE VAULT Festival and the Adelaide Fringe with my new show Being Barbarella.

- Take Being Barbarella and Duck Flu to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

- Write a new chapter of my Phillus & Wallace erotica each week and upload it here for your eyes...

- Stop eating cheese at 2am.

- Stop trying to lift weights that are bigger than my own head. Leg days are way better.

- Never drink Gin again.

- Run a half-marathon in another country.

- Go to Italy. And Berlin.

- Never go on Tinder again.

- Buy more hats.

- Eat a minimum of three meals a day. Meals that DO NOT have the words 'take-away', 'Dominoes', 'Discount', 'Berocca' or 'Gin' in the title.


All my undying love to the friends who made this year so awesome. Sam, Skippy, Alex, Matt, Alana, Iestyn, Hazel, Robb, Oli, Heidi, Sophie, Callum, Charlie, Harry, Tamar, Grainne, Amy, Ellie, Eimear, Gethin, Jonathan, Sam, Arthur, Will, Nick, Alice, Alex, Joe, Andy, Ed, Sylwia, Tim, Pippa etc etc... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE

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