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Elf's Diary Entry #7 - Too tired to write well,

Note to self: Write these damn blogs EARLIER In the day.

It's 1:035am on Wednesday though this is technically the blog for Tuesday.

I have nothing of interest to say at all. Not because nothing of interest has happened today, on the contrary MANY exciting and interesting things have taken place... However, it is after midnight and my body is begging me to turn it off and put it into 'sleep' mode.

So, to conclude the most pathetic blog attempt of the run so far, I will write down my one favourite thought of the day which I blabbered on about to poor Jonathan Carr (talented director) on the tube home tonight..

I would rather be a Plastic Vase which people thought was Glass - RATHER than a Vase people assumed was sturdy - (which then broke due to everyones hard-handed clumsiness and lack of awareness towards its own fragility). I'd prefer to be a Vase which was handled delicately by all but then surprised everyone by its strength when it was accidentally dropped.

Even though plastic is arguably less beautiful than glass, I prefer it.



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