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Elf brings a wealth of experience in directing a diverse array of comedy and theatre shows, offering invaluable dramaturgical assistance to artists globally.


With a focus on collaboration, Elf has successfully worked with performers specializing in dramaturgy, movement, clowning, and structure.

Her approach is characterized by informed consideration and a holistic perspective, guiding artists from the conceptualization of an idea to the realization of the final show.


Elf has collaborated with a notable roster of artists, including Marissa Carnesky (Showwoman), Willy Hudson (Welcome Home), Charlotte Anne-Tilley (Almost Adult), Rosie Holt (The Woman's Hour), Benji Waterstones, Tatty McLeod (Fugue), Amy Matthews (I Feel Like I'm Made of Spiders), Mary O'Connell (Money Princess), Cerys Bradley (Not Overthinking Things 2019), and Sian Davies (This Charming Man), among others.

To explore the possibilities of working with Elf and discuss your creative ideas, please feel free to contact her here.

"Working so closely with Elf's electric brain was nothing short of an honour. I learned so much about my own practice, and felt motivated and excited throughout the writing process. At no point did I feel told what to do, but at the same time, Elf's absolute firework of an imagination was refracted interestingly through my work, whilst she respected my own style and ideas. I think it's rare to find a director who can do that so deftly and so vibrantly. Elf's touch is in the DNA of my 5-star show, and I am eternally grateful for her time and expertise. I'm confident that she'll be a lifetime collaborator for me and my work. She is a treasure and a force."

Amy Matthews - Comedian 

"I chose Elf to direct my show as I wanted it to be more performance led than stand up. Elf was able to push me creatively, show me new ways of working and drill down into my script to enhance it. Her communication and commitment to the project was great. As I am not based in London we held regular online sessions and then had some focused workshop days together. Elf created a supportive environment for me to experiment with my work. Our sessions felt professional, yet informal and having such an experienced practitioner on hand was invaluable."

Sian Davies - Comedian 

"Working with Elf was one of the most fun, rewarding and useful experiences for creating my show. She’s batshit and she’s going to push you to be your most batshit self as well and you’ll create something beautiful. I’m so proud of what Elf helped me to do with my show, from the performance, structure, and emotional journey, and also just having the support of a friend was priceless."

Mary O'Connell - Comedian

"I had an incredible time working with Elf. From discussing the general concept of the show to mapping out the performance, Elf pushed me to think more ambitiously and dared me to go bigger and better. I am so glad that I worked with Elf on this show particularly because she helped me bring it to a place that I wouldn't have been brave enough to venture by myself. I had a great experience and have learned a lot about making shows in general that I can now take into new projects. I am also very grateful for the artistic and emotional support that Elf provided during the project and feel very lucky to have worked with her."

Cerys Bradley - Comedian

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