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Elf is a dedicated and seasoned educator, committed to mentoring individuals at various stages and levels of their artistic practice across the country. With extensive experience, Elf conducts workshops both in the UK and internationally, including:

  1. THE POWER OF PLAY - Intro to Clowning

  2. ANIMAL EYES - The Power of Bouffon



  5. CLOWNING & THE FIVE SENSES - Workshop for experienced performers

Leveraging her extensive background as a performer, Elf has meticulously developed dynamic exercises and a unique performance methodology. The primary objective of her workshops is to inspire individuals, fostering a deeper connection with their bodies and unlocking their inherent capabilities.

In 2021, Elf completed her PGCE in Secondary Drama at Goldsmiths University, London, and served as a secondary school teacher in London until April 2023. She currently teaches at Rose Bruford University as a visiting lecturer. Since the Autumn of 2022, Elf has assumed the role of LAB leader for the Soho Theatre's Comedy Lab Plus +. This program caters to individuals already engaged in comedy (with 30+ gigs of experience) who seek to refine their skills through industry advice and masterclasses. Further details can be found on the Soho Theatre's website.


Elf conducts workshops at schools, universities, conferences, and community centers, in addition to offering one-on-one mentoring sessions for those eager to hone their craft and push their creative boundaries.

Individuals interested in comedy and theatre practice can benefit from Elf's tutoring and mentoring sessions via Zoom, contact Elf here.For information on future workshops or to contact Elf regarding one-on-one mentorship and directing, please reach out to her at


Animal Eyes - Introduction to Bouffon - 14th April - Corner Shop Comedy, Melbourne


Clowning & The Five Senses - 27 & 28th April - Improv Theatre, Sydney


Elf ran a fantastic, fully inclusive clowning workshop for our group of young artists with complex needs. The workshop seamlessly blended laughter with learning and Elf had an exceptional understanding of how to make the workshop accessible: all participants were engaged, appropriately challenged and experienced something new. The unique abilities of all participants were nurtured and celebrated. Above all, the session was filled with silliness,  fun and laughter!

Katie Black, Total Arts, Cambridge Junction

Elf's training is transformational and super practical. I left with specific techniques I can apply to my show and a deeper understanding of what works best for my performance style and the areas I need to improve (with how to do that). The most comprehensive training I've done. I wasn't bored once. It was jam-packed, fast, fun, and kind! I felt encouraged, motivated, and fully equipped to take my show to the next level. Exceptional all around. 

Lauren Wallett, completed 'Clowning and the Senses' Workshop in December 2023

The sessions were energetic, lively and laugh out loud funny. I peed my pants

Flo, aged 12, Clown Camp for Kids 

 I have not been so impacted by someone's direction, succinct observations and energy in a long time

Lara, Amsterdam, 2024


I absolutely enjoyed the 2 day workshop we had in Amsterdam. It was packed with wisdom, information, constructive feedback and fun! I don’t think I have felt many times so free to be silly and be seen as such and not be self judging in the process.

Jonada, Amsterdam, 2024

I absolutely loved Elf's 2 days weekend workshop. The workshop was rich in content and we all got personalized feedback and the opportunity to try ourselves out in several ways and many short solo performances. Elf created a safe and playful space to experiment; there was always a good buildup to more difficult exercises - the transition felt very smooth. I met with two other workshop participants some days after the workshop and we were all still reliving the experience.

Eniko,  Amsterdam, 2024

I couldn't have wished for a better course leader than Elf Lyons for the Comedy Plus Labs course at Soho. Within minutes of the first session, Elf put us all at ease and created a safe space for us to be vulnerable and push ourselves to create something we were truly proud of

Shabaneh, Comedy Labs + 2023

As a teacher Elf naturally fizzes with creativity and has an allergy for hack. Our performances in the end-of-course showcase were testament to this and were weird and often wonderful

 Benji Waterstones, Comedy Labs + 2023

Elf gives surgically precise guidance that can take your material to where it needs to be instantly

Dru Cripps, Comedy Labs + 2023

It has been an absolute pleasure being taught by Elf on the Soho Comedy Labs Plus course - Elf is an inspiring and kind teacher, who knows exactly how to get the best out of students, by encouraging them to get out of their comfort zone, and by being incredibly supportive but also honest. The environment she created for us on the course was crucial in allowing us all to grow and push ourselves

Abbi Cole, Comedy Labs + 2023

Every session with Elf I learn something and howl with laughter. Her ability to create a fun loving atmosphere gives people the confidence to play and gain insights into their own performance. She has embraced and perfected the art of zoom teaching still keeping everyone engaged and involved

 Marty Gleeson,Comedy Labs + 2023


The course has helped me to unleash my creativity and has melted away all of my inhibitions. I’m no longer afraid to throw myself into the deep end, I can trust that I have all the skills needed to create some cracking material now. Elf has coerced the clown out of me and helped mould her into something I’m truly proud of


Elf’s brilliant course led me to a better understanding of who I am as a performer


Elf creates a warm and supportive environment that allows you to really explore your most ridiculous and off-beat ideas. I felt very seen as an individual, whilst also a part of an ensemble and I loved every minute. I left the course very inspired and with some great tools for continuing the work we started on my own


If you have forgotten what it is like to play, or want to rekindle that flame then this is the course for you.  Delightfully madcap & fun will ensue


Elf’s approach makes you really open up to the possibilities in creating solo work; how you relate to your audience and how you can achieve great comic theatre with simple techniques and principles. It’s a joy to experience the change when you experiment


Elf gave me a lot of tools & ideas to develop my creativity and structure my performance. Her workshops are also a warm environment where it is good to try ideas you are feeling shy about. I’ll come back!


Phenomenal and life giving weekend that allowed me to access parts of myself I never even knew existed. Led so kindly with just the right of push and go ahead to dare one into the unknown, uncomfortable to create the beautiful. And most importantly, so much fun!


Time spent in an Elfy Lyons course for me is time spent in a safe space with encouragement to grow as a performer. I was challenged without being pushed, and I learned (a lot) while laughing. I recommend it!


Elf facilitated a amazing 4 week clown workshop. I was able to explore new sides of performing and have individualized feedback which was so affirming and wonderful. The layout led to a really fun creative process and the activities were purposeful and awesome. Thank you!


Doing the course with Elf was great fun, and really changed the way I think about developing and relating to a character. The group created personas ranging from the tragic to the downright alarming, but between those more extravagant experiments we explored some really interesting ideas and, pleasingly, managed to be quite funny with it.


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