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Elf's Diary Entry #20 - MUST. SLEEP. NOW

I have to be up in 4 hours.

Yes. 4 hours.

To go to Portishead.

To film.

I haven't learnt my lines yet*.

(I've been too busy writing jokes about Putin for Chris Coltrane's gig LOLITICS*).

Must. Sleep.

Otherwise I will look like death on camera.

Joys of working in the arts... for free.

What makes this whole experience of no sleep & work more depressing is the fact I have to then go and watch FULHAM play in the evening at Craven Cottage ***.



* I pretty much have but I am panicking becuase I keep on mispronouncing VINYL 'Vinnel'

** Gig went bloody brilliantly. Who knew a joke comparing David & Ed Miliband to Romulus & Remus get an applause.

*** The things we do for love eh?

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