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Elf's Diary Entry #22 - Love


This is less a blog entry and more a caffeine induced splurge of ""AAAAH LIFE IS GREAT ISN'T IT?""". I blame reading Lena Dunham's memoir 'Not That Kind of Girl' and the amount of croissants and chocoate bars I've consumed guilt free this week. Sometimes, you do just need to spoil yourself with optimism.

I have too much love in my body.

No, correction, I have the perfect amount of love in my body.

A greedy amount of it. I am physically close to exploding.

It is hard to work out if my body aches from the exercise I've been doing or from the unexplainable amount of joy that has been surging through my body. From laughter, from dancing, from hurling my body into the arms of others, despite feelings of stress (OH DAMN YOU TAX RETURN!) my week has been fuelled by feelings of endearment towards so many. Living life with an undefended heart is the most dignified and healthy way to live, I've concluded.

Today, I've spent the morning eating pastires with the guys who form The Book N Booze Club ("Sometimes, it's not about the books that we're reading, but the people who are reading the books"). A weird group of bizarre misfits who all get along due to our collective love of devouring books and then assassinating them with our opinions.

Yesterday I spent the day watching The World Championships of Ping Pong at Ally Pally. I was sat between a fellow Ping Pong master, Olav, (THE best German in the world), and my ex boyfriend. So many varying emotions but all so wonderful nonetheless. Cheering for the American ping pong player Jimmy Buller became my go to behavior for the day ("COME ON JIMMY! SMASH HIM THE BALL!"). I never realised I was so passionate about the sport until watching it at a professional standard. The highlights of the championshp for me were an 8 yr old umpire and a collective of the most raucoeus Irish supporters.

Alongside being happy socialsing with teams of friends I've enjoyed a week of great gigs, gigging with the lovely Ed Gamble, Chris Coltrane, Bec Hill, John Luke-Roberts, Rob Carter amongst others. Tonight I'm gigging with James Hamilton in Camden at the Etcetera. 30 minutes of new material. Good to keep the comedy muscles in check.

One thing I have learnt is that I love UBER drivers. Mainly because every single one I have met this week has had the same unfailing passion for MAGIC FM as I do.

Thus, to conclude this sporadic and short entry - here is the song that me and Andrew (my driver last night) sang out loud to at 2am after I exited by best friend Skippy's house party in Tooting....

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