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Elf's Diary Entry #29 Being Barbarella

It's 00:40am, It's my last night at home before I leave for Australia. In 9 hours I'll be in the car to Heathrow with my dad, listening to him go through my 'intinerary' on how to get to where I'm going and how to survive and not lose my luggage in the process.

I am now in bed with my mother, she wants to spend 'quality time' with me before I leave for Adelaide tomorrow. So she is currenlty on her ipad, I'm on my laptop and we've stuck a Hammer Horro film on.

This week has been overwhelming. Since returning from Paris I've been completely absorbed in my work at VAULT Festival performing Being Barbarella. I've had a super strong support network of friends, family members and other artists around me offering advice and support - laughing at my jokes and giving feedback when I need it. Being Barbarella feels like the show I have always dreamed about creating. It's exciting to see all the ideas which I normally keep locked in my head start to come to fruitiion in the form of surreal stand-up sets on stage. (I'm particularly fond of a new bit about Iguanas which I've improvised)

Today I performed the show twice, once in the afternoon at 1.30pm and the second time at 6pm. At the end of the final show an audience member called Ralph, who had already seen the show once on Thursday, came up to me and handed me a rare copy of a 2000 AD Sci-Fi special comic book. I was very touched. The audiences I've had for the show have all been ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. All very kind and open to the material, and their reactions afterwards have given me extreme confidence.

I cannot wait to see how the show develops in Adelaide. The plan is to blog every day.

Overall, VAULT Festival was a brilliant experience. The whole team who helped put the festival together were kind and well organised and allowed my experience as part of VAULT to be as fun and stressfree as possible.

Now, to bed.

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