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Australia Adventure! Entry #1

It's 00:31 on Tuesday 10th of Feb. I've been in Australia for 2 hours and to summarise where my head is at currently, I'm typing this in the bath whilst eating a Kitkat and listening to 'Erection' by Mag & The Suspects at the same time. I've been travelling for 21 hours approximately and I have completely lost all sense of date and time. I fell in and out of consciounsess on the plane, yet due to a mixture of turbulence, champagne and my complete phobia of planes (WHY DO THEY FLY? HOW DOES IT WORK?) it meant that my dreams were crazed and disturbed and my moments of slumber were plagued with tension. I kept on waking up and panicking I'd lost my passport. I hadn't. Instead, to distract myself I bonded with my fellow passengers and watched Amelia (wonderful), Singing in the Rain (brilliant film but stiflingly white) , The Artist (meh) and Whiplash (hard to believe).

Flying over Australia I thought that from a birds eye view the outback looked like mould growing in an orange petry dish. As we flew over wide cavernous desert landscapes, from above the appearance of trees and moutain tops looked like dots of black mould and white puss, seeping across the desert. Almost liquid like. (I do mean this in a complimentary way, it was very beautiful). This is the first time I will have visited a country my dad has never travelled to and the fact I am adventuring into this country all on my own, for such a large period of time, for work especially, fills me with complete excitment and trepidation. It's my Siddartha sabbattical.

Anyways, I am ridiculously knackered. Must power through jetlag.


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