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Australian Adventure #6 Icecream


Trying to cut down on the amount of alcohol I drink, and Adelaide has provided the perfect alternative to not drinking.


Why don't the Brits sell icecream in pubs? The Australians have really cottoned on to a great idea here.

It is cheaper, more colourful and infinitely more fun.

The health impacts on your body I'd argue are far less severe in the long term too. No one has ever died from an addiction to sorbet, (maybe a bit of diabetes but that's not THAT big a deal..... :S), also, you never hear anyone complain in a night club about how someone has turned into an absolute dick on a night out because they have consumed 'WAY TOO MUCH CARAMEL CRUNCH'.

Last night in The Artists Bar, whilst the other acts drank Coopers, I sat there content with a large cone of Icecream.

Such a smart idea to have an icecream stand next to the bar.

The problem in the UK is that often the alternatives for non-alcohol drinkers are very unappetising, nice or that much cheaper. Now that I know there is an Icecream stand I will never have to feel the pressure to drink just because everyone else is drinking. I can dance far easier with a cone in my hand than with a wine glass. A icecream cone is a sugary baton of hope. It's the sign of a winner (this is what I am going to tell myself as I start to gain 15lbs over this month).


Yesterday I did the show to three people. But what a show. The atmosphere at The Producers venue was a bizarre one, but a magical one all the same. Audiences were scarce - small and petite - but all perfect. Every comic said the same thing 'They were small, but they GOT it.' ., 'They were small, but they LOVED the show'. And that's what matters at this stage when we are all finding our feet still marketing our show to the right demographics of people. My magical tripod of fun were two Americans, Janay and Kevin, and Evan from Tornoto. Intimacy is something you shouldn't shy away from in comedy, in my opinion. Also, this was the first audience that all got together and danced collectively with me at the end of the show. A unique fringe experience. I'd been slightly disheartened when I saw the ticket sales, yet afterwards as I walked out of the room hot and sweaty in my shark costume I saw there was an incredible sunset on the street outside our venue. The sky was the same colour as a marble icecream (I have icecream on the brain). It was a reminder that the most important characeristic throughout festivals such as these is to retain complete optimism. Festivals are not meant to be easy. They are training grounds to build better performers, and the collective support and enthusiam from the other acts in my venue has been overwhelming.

TODAY it is BEACH DAY. This means one thing. SUNSCREEN. So much sunscreen. Many other performers and I are off to the beach on our day off to swim in the sea, build sandcastles (I'm hoping this is the case) and play frisbee. I can't play frisbee (I'm very much like an enthusiastic labrador with only three legs) but I will happilly cheer everyone else on. I just really looking forward to collecting pebbles and putting them in my bucket (not a euphemism).

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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