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Australian Adventure #9 - Disco Rickshaws, Demi & Dancing

Good morning!

I have woken up immensely happy... and i've had TWO coffees. So I am on FIRE!.

Also, last night I completed one of my main dreams: Getting a disco rickshaw. I have ALWAYS wanted to ride in one, so at 3am, leaving the Arts bar with my crutches and $10 to my name, I thought 'YOLO/ CARPE DIEM' I am going to get a bloody rickshaw! And I did. All the way back to my house. Sure, it may have been more expensive than a taxi, but the memory of being cycled down Rundle street on my own at 3am with the sound of Annie Lennox blaring out of tinny speakers will remain with me for life as a moment of great bliss. I felt like a disco queen. And I don't care how lonely or weird I must have looked travelling in a rickshaw on my own. I felt like a modern day Khaleesi.

Anyway, despite the fact I have huge bruises under my arms from the crutches which now give the impression I have green mould growing in my armpits, I have developed core stomach muscles which would put Lara Croft Tomb Raider to shame (arguably....) and my guns* are getting hencher each day.

I was happy to read yesterday that Heckler magazine called my show an 'an uproarious show full of charm and wit' and was thrilled to wake up to a emails from audience members who had not only enjoyed the show but who had thoughts on my material on prostitution, pornography and sharks. It feels great to have an open dialogue with audiences as it helps generate new ideas for how you can develop and shape your work. It's nice to know that people don't just forget the show the moment they leave the room and that the subjects I talk about on stage do resonate.

My fringe has so far been made by the following people, who I will now list below so that you can click and see their shows/ keep an eye out on them in your hometowns. Last night I danced with these collection of wonderful creations and it was like being at an enthusastic school disco all over again, moshing to Rage Against the Machine's 'KILLING IN THE NAME OF' and 'break dancing' to Cyndi Lauper's 'Girls just wanna have fun'. I now have insane leg muscle in my left leg from hopping so high. I couldn't necessarilly join in on all the dancing, but watching these guys made me giggle immensely.

Anyway, here are the Australian comics that have made my adelaide so wonderful thus far....

[I am going to blog about many others tomorrow too, as there are SO many awesome people at this festival]


His show was only on for a tragically short time at the Producers but Adam Knox is f*cking terrific and his show 'Listen Closely, We haven't much time' was one of my favourite shows. Fast paced, quick, political and feisty I sat with my jaw open during most of his show. He reminded me of a mashup of Daniel Kitson and Stewart Lee but on a caffeine high. He is a chameleon on stage. I'm angry he's left the fringe as he was the best person to dance with when I was on crutches....


On from the 3rd of March until the end of the festival at the Rhino Room, Angus is a very funny comic. He was one of the first people I met when I landed in Adelaide and was so friendly. He has always made me laugh through his absolute kindness but at the same time theatrical grumpy demeanor. He's like a very very very funny and human version of Hoggle from the Labryinth. I don't care if he doesn't take this a compliment, as it most definitely is one. GO SEE HIS SHOW.


I love Demi. She'd make a terrible life-model as her body is in a constant state of rhythmic anarchy but she has the ability to make me feel immensely happy the moment I see her. It's great to have another girl to hang out with who loves Kanye West just as much as I do. She also fully embraces my filthy perverted sense of humour so that is a bonus. She has more facial expressions than anyone I've ever met. It's like her face is made from pure elastic. She's incredibly funny. I haven't seen her show yet but it's only on for a couple more nights and has had some awesome reviews. Check her out. She's on at the Garden of Unearthly Delights at 9.30pm.


Their show may have already finished but if you are in Melbourne I'd check out these two. Both super young (21 and 19), they are natural storytellers and very charismatic. Their excitement and love of performing is so infectious and their passion to ensure you are having a good time is delightful. From Blake's brilliant routine about a cricket-bat burglary and Luka's incident with a chinese lady in his car - these two both know how to build a story, with smart, well honed comical observations. It helps they are also two of the most likeable comics at the fringe. I really look forward to seeing how these two comics both develop over time.


On directly after me at The Producers at 8.30pm, on until the 27th. Go see Lewis. A very calm presence on stage, Lewis with his open face and immense enthusiasm for his audience and material manages to immediately entrance you into his surreal, political and immensely silly world of battery chickens, psychopathic fathers, time-travelling farmers and the hidden problems of chivalry. An instantly likeable character on stage.


The man who has made The Producers possible! Marcel is the NICEST human being in the world with some of the most insane dance moves I have ever witnessed on a dance floor. An open-hearted creature who has been insanely busy organising the Producers for everyone during the festival making it as seemless as possible. I have huge respect for this guy so go and see his show about his love of dancing. He's also a freestyle rapper, so you can't go wrong wtih thinking this man is ridiculously cool.


These two are on from the 21st at 10pm at The Producers and their run has already almost sold out! Nick reminds me of a young Jim Carrey and Patrick has some well honed smart political comedy that is very refreshing to hear. Both bright up & coming comedians from Adelaide, it's been great to hang out with the two of them. So far our interactions have mainly involved getting drunk on coopers or swimming in the sea, but I look forward to watching both their full sets at the fringe. Also, Pat looks ridiuclously like Edward Cullen from Twilight. Just thought I should put that out there.

NICK NEMEROFF - YOU'RE ALL DUMB IDIOTS On at 7.15pm at The Producers from the 28th, I've only seen Nick do a short set at The Howling Owl but from what I saw it was very exciting. He has the soft entrancing cadence of Emo Phillips with the same v unique style of building a world that is eerie yet hysterical at the same time. He is very honed at using silence on stage to great comedic affect. I look forward to seeing his full show.

RIGHT, I now need to go and have an adventure, but I'll write tomorrow with more 'TOP RECOMMENDATIONS TO SEE AT THE FRINGE!'

Love xxx

*my weedy daddy-long-legs shaped arms.

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