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Australian Adventure #10

This blog is a bit late in the day, the reason being that I have rarely been in my room long enough to blog. Instead I've been powering around Adelaide - on crutches, but still, powering. I can move incredibly quickly now, like a mildly drunk Kangaroo with a jetpack on.

In other words, I am not very good on crutches, but I'm fast. From a distance I could almost look intimidating... If it wasn't for my overtly children's-entertainer-esque dress sense.

The team at The Producers have become a mini-home-away-from home here. The General Manager, Marcel, is the overseeer and protector of all the acts. He's been incredibly wise and supportive with show advice, foot advice, nutritional advice, life advice, dance advice, and all other types of advice. He's a big bear of comedy hope. Collectively the team at The Producers are very close knit and supportive of one another. The fact that no one is a complete sociopathic turd-bucket and instead just a genuinly nice person has resulted in many of us constantly being out & about together, grabbing coffee, seeing shows, or just getting sunburnt in ones company. Yesterday I was a guest on the Double Dipcast with Blake and Luca - two very charming Melbourne Comics where we chose to open our hearts and souls and discuss heartbreaks.

A 'highlight' of the last weekend was the Lunatics Gig we had to do on Saturday Night. A gig run by Ro Campbell in the beer garden of the venue, each act on stage had to face a certain 'challenge'. I was involved in what we called 'THE BEAR PIT' - which meant that the audience were allowed to Heckle me as much as they liked. In truth, this did just result in the comics heckling the other comics and was VERY funny to watch with comics throwing brutal yet comedic heckles ['Just let the Make A Wish Boy do his set!' was one particular one to Dave Campbell] . However, it brought the fear of god into me. The idea of being shouted at brings me into a cold sweat. I'm usually pretty quick with hecklers but when you know you are DEFINITELY going to be heckled it sort of impacts the adrenalin and your ability to think on your feet. On stage I couldn't even hear the heckles either - my hearing is terrible. Instead I just talked about Houmous. Then I hobbled off stage with my crutches and my dignity still almost in tact, and ordered a lemonade and potato wedges at the bar, before sitting down to watch theother comics face their similiar fate on stage.

Today is our day off which means PARTY. In other words - no flyering, hit the beach and relax.

I'm still high on the knowledge I got a 5 star review! Check it out here.

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