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An important Crowdfunder thank you!

It's midday. I am sitting at my desk in Adelaide and I'm about to start writing a huge array of postcards to people all over the world who wanted one (via twitter/fb and my website) - If you want one, contact me via my 'contact' section on this website.

It's surreal and wonderful to realise how much support I have and it means loads to get the emails and facebook messages from those who have enjoyed my shows. It feels awesome to know there are so many shark loving feminist nerds out there!

Only just into the third month of 2015 I cannot believe how lucky I have been this year - to not only be on the other side of the world, but to be here performing work that I love and being able to see work that influences and inspires me, getting to meet such a broad group of people creating interesting work. At 23 years of age I am working hard doing what I love and it's overwhelming.

HOWEVER I wouldn't be in Adelaide if it wasn't for so many people. Crucially those who supported my Crowdfunder campaign on Ideastap - who, without their pledges, I would not be able to enjoy Australia and create the dream show that I feel like I have now created. Your support has not only helped with the financial stresses of creating a show but it has also given me so much confidence.

So, in no particular order, thank you so much to the following people who funded my campagin to cover my funds to perform in Australia. You have made a 6ft ginger performance maker so very happy:

- CHARLIE MILLER - Thank you!

- AF HARROLD - Thank you!

- KEVIN ROBERTS - Thank you!

- STEVEN METCALFE - Thank you!

- BRIAN WATTS - Thank you!

- DANIEL HEATLY - Thank you!

- DAN GERRETT - Thank you!

- JAMES ELDER - Thank you!

- ANDREW WEST - Thank you!

- MIKE SHELDON - Thank you!

- ANIL DESAI - Thank you!

- ANDY HOLLOWAY - Thank you!

- SAM DODGIN - Thank you!

- McDERR02 - Thank you!

- ROB ELLIS - Thank you!

- STEVE LYONS - Thank you!

- JAMES BROWN - Thank you!

- MICHAEL HOWARTH - Thank you!

- MATT LANGLEY - Thank you!

- SARAH GIBLIN - Thank you!

- IMOGEN BIRT - Thank you!

And of course, my mum and dad. I love you so much.

And Ideastap. You guys are the best too.

Also, thanks must go to the following for helping: Dan Lees, Ellen Fife, James Hamilton, Thor, VAULT Festival, Maud and the team at The Etcetera, Daniel Ferst, Marc Burrows, Sam Dodgin and Matthew Rose.

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