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Proseco, Postcards and PopArt Toilets - This week in cool things

I never thought anything would beat going through the Blackwall Tunnel twice last Friday with Tom Deacon and Big G, but this week matched up to last weeks epicness. Too much awesome stuff has happened this week. Thus, in order to calm the OCD in me and return back to Planet Normal, here is a nice little organised list summarising the cool things I've discovered this week...



- My words will not justify how cool these guys are. Just listen to them:


Waterland by Graham Swift

This is our book for THIS month's Book n Booze Club. Join fellow B&Bs on Sunday 29th at 12.30pm at El Paso in Shoreditch for an afternoon of light debate, book chat and beer. It's supremely fun. I have no idea what this book is like, but risk it with me and we can talk about it on the 29th :D :D :D :D


Sketch Restaurant, Mayfair

On Saturday I adventured to Sketch for a friend's 24th birthday party. It is the type of restaurant that Instagram was made for and has the mise-en-scene perfect for a Luc Besson film. It's decadent, ridiculous, spacious and secretive all at once. Each room is something fresh out of The Fifth Element and the whole environment screams decadence and eccentric charm. The drinks were gorgeous as was the afternoon tea. Yes, it's not cheap, but it is definitely cool. To be honest if there is only one reason you should visit this twilight zone of a restaurant.... it is to use the toilets. They are giant eggs. Yes. Eggs. You can recreate any scene from ALIEN that you want. And if THAT'S not a reason to go to an expensive restaurant in Mayfair, I don't know WHAT is.


Long White Cloud, Hoxton

I was lucky enough to discover this place today at the recommendation of the charming DJ Dan Gerrett (@Dan_Cat). Just on Hackney Road, Dan & I spent two hours making our way through the extensive healthy menu of cakes, vegetarian and fair trade delights on offer. (*The eggs & chilli on toast are a MUST*). Not only are the owners so charming and wonderful, (as are all the staff who work there), but the food and coffee is expertly made. If you are a health freak and a coffee addict at the same time, this place is for you. It's got a very chilled atmosphere too so if you need a place to sit down and work, or have a calm secretive chat, come here. This place seemed to exude creativity.


The Mayflower Pub in Rotherhithe Village

My friends Nick, Rachel and I drank the nicest bottle of White Rioja here on Wednesday night post-show. Do visit this historic pub yet if you haven't already. The Mayflower is the oldest pub on the River Thames and has the atmosphere to match its esteemed history. Entering the bustling pub is like time travelling back to the 16th century. The decor of dark open brickwork, old antique wooden furnishings, old maps and candlelight results in a brilliant place to get merry.


This week I had some AWESOME fun at The Good Ship in Kilburn on Monday, Goodfather Comedy at the Comedy Pub on Tuesday, Backyard Comedy in Bethnal Green on Thursday and Verbatim Comedy in Leytonstone on Friday. If you are free during the week you should go to these wonderful places. The line-ups and the people who run these nights are fantastic. Highlights at these gigs included spending time with the always delightful Bec Hill, Michael Legge and the innovative performer Spencer Jones (aka The Herbert) as well as watching the fab Mike Wozniak and Tom Ward.



It was fast. It was furious. It was ridiculous and it was emotional. I may have fallen asleep during Star Wars, but for this film I was wide awake like a guard-dog on cocaine. This. Film. Is. MENTAL.

I'm not going to spoil it for you, but go and see it. Ideally at the IMAX, as the ridiculous stunts are worth seeing on a SUPER big screen. Be prepared to be quoting this film in 20 years time. And be prepared to cry.


This goes to the captivating Jonny Drewek, a talented comedian who is studying at Central Saint Martins. We met at Goodfather and then caught up on Thursday at the Southbank. We decided to go head-to-head on 'who can drink the most coffee'. He told me the best story I have ever heard. Ever. He's just made it into the semi-finals of the Chortle Student Competition of the Year on a wildcard. I hope he does well. He's a good egg.


This goes to two inspiring women who have put my ovaries in a twist (In a good way) this week. Yve Blake (@YveBlake) and Joanna Hawkins (@JoannaMHawkins) are two very inspiring hard-working platinum haired londoners. Yve and I are recording our first podcast together this week and Joanna and I had a great ole chat about the Elections at The Breakfast Club in Shoreditch this week which made me feel very grown-up and well informed :P. Follow them on twitter.


This is split between TWO awesome books:

First, the classic that is GHOST WORLD by Daniel Clowes. Thora Birch's portrayel of Enid in the 2001 film was a key moment in my life and awakened my naive 11 year old mind to the world of kooky glasses, band t-shirts and alternative film-making... also, to the odd enigmatic sexiness of Steve Buscemi (yes, I did just write that. I have no regrets. I think he's hot). In fact, I literally tried to recreate Birch's look item for item during one summer in 2002. Safe to say, I thought it was cool, but my friends of the same age were not that impressed. Anyways, I have NEVER read the original comic that the film was based upon, so, as a parting gift when I left Australia the wonderful actor Shane Adamczak gave me my own copy of Ghost World. I'm halfway through and it is a heartbreaking and seminal piece of work. When I grow up and birth a child out of my womanly bits (or adopt) I am going to give my children a copy of this when they become teenagers (or, in laymans terms go through the "I'm a bit of a dick now" phase).

Secondly, via the magic realm of twitter the lovely Corey Brotherson sent me a copy of his comic MAGIC OF MYTHS, which is based on Shakespeare's A Midsummers Night's Dream. I loved it. It's actually brilliant. It's written both by Corey and Sergio Calvet and it is a very original funny tongue-in-cheek creation. The colouring is delicous - lots of light spring colours which leap out alongside a layout which is dynamic and keeps the pace as you read each panel. I smiled broadly at Calvet and Corey's interpretation of Shakespeare's Puck as a feisty forthwright feminist - her appearance too is very unique and refreshing - not conforming to usual stereotypical ideas of a what a female hero should look like. Do give their work a look if you have a moment.


So, best friend for life SAM DODGIN (great comedian, follow him on twitter - @samdodgin) and I are off to BERLIN in May. But, we have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO THERE. So, recommendations appreciated please....

Other than all this stuff I've listed above I have also played so much ping-pong my right arm is made of steel; I've drunk enough Cava to be made of 70% bubbles; I've written 100+ postcards and received two beautiful ones in return from bloggers John Fleming and Becca Moody; I've organised my next show of Being Barbarella at Etcetera Theatre; My first article for Big Comic Page has been published online; I nearly poisoned DAZED's film writer Sam Ashurst with my insanely strong homemade coffee and today I walked 5 miles.....


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