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My pics from MCM London Comic-Con

Last weekend I went to the MCM London Comic Con - the UK’s ‘biggest modern pop culture event’. It was, to put it honestly, a geek fest. A delicious, saturated geek fest. Hectically busy - (not for the faint hearted or people with claustrophobia) - Imagine rush hour in another universe made solely of mini-Grutts, cosplay creations, Spider Men, Jokers, Large Lego Men, Harlequinns and smiley-faced Manga fans.

As I wondered slowly amongst the crowds in my home-made superhero costume, I felt at home. If only I’d know this type of nerd creative utopia had existed when I was an awkward theatrical teenager! No costume was too ‘out there’ or ‘too weird’ - all efforts were celebrated and admired through photos, compliments and ‘free hugs’.

This was my first time at Comic-Con, I was guided by the experienced quiz master and improv-queen Lizzie Skrzypiec. She is one of my oldest friends and had gone to town with a home-made Bow & Arrow for her Katniss Everdeen costume. She looked great. We joined forces with comedian Masud Milas and had a look at all the wacky and interesting video games, board games, comics and costumes on offer. There was almost too much to absorb in one day and I left after four hours completely knackered.

My home in this hububb of unconventionality was the Comic Village - the place where a diverse range of comic creators and artists of all different styles and levels were together - showcasing their work.

The full list of creators are listed here:

There were tons of independent artists who caught my eye, but below are seven artists who I really enjoyed and got excited by - check out their websites linked below.

Do check out each of their websites and work!


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