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Fubar Radio - Elf's Tuesday Takeover - 14th May - MY DREAM FILM

On Tuesday 14th May from 4-6pm ELF will be hosting TUESDAY TAKEOVER at Fubar Radio - she will be in control of the music, games and guests.



With this in mind, welcome to Elf's cinematic concept...


'Imagine Desert Island Discs but with cinema and an unlimited budget'

From the mysterious allure of Goblin's in Suspiria to the heart stopping dread of Ennio Morricone's in The Thing to the nostalgia inducing work of John Williams - we all have our favorite when it comes to film soundtracks.

John Williams had the ability to scare us from going in with water with 1975’s Jaws and most hotel corridors are terrifying if you are imagine Wendy Carlos and Rachel Elkind’s infamous The Shining soundtrack playing behind you.

Music has the ability to transform a moment and make or break a film. Thus, as one unknown person famously quipped “Everyone has one great book in them” Elf believes we all have one great film. And this, is what she is keen to find out. What. Is. Yours? From your director, cinematographer, lead actors to music composer, Elf sits down with the most captivating innovators of our time - creators, scientists, architects, doctors, activists, economists, artists and writers and asks them: “If you could have the ability to make any film? What would it be?”. Using their self selected music choices as stimuli, they narrate it to Elf alongside the music they present- describing opening credits, montage dance sequences, bitter heartbreaks, fight scenes, all up until the final credit shot. It's a full length feature film over the radio.


On the 14th of MAY from 4pm to 6pm on FUBAR RADIO - Elf will be finding out the dream films of award winning creative innovators JONNY WOO and PHIL ELLIS


Jonny is one of London’s leading figures in cabaret and alternative variety in the UK. Jonny is at the heart of UK counter-culture and draws upon his vast network of performers to create spectacles at major festivals including Glastonbury, Latitude and Lovebox. His pub The Glory has become the focal point of London’s queer cultural underground and as such he is a go to spokesman for commentary on off beat culture (BBC4 How To Be Bohemian).


Phil is an award-winning comedian who has entertained audiences of all ages with his amalgamation of off-beat observational material and physical comedy. Solidifying his reputation in 2014 with his undisputed anarchic sleeper hit of a show Funz and Gamez, Phil won the Fosters Edinburgh Comedy Award’s panel prize. Phil’s TV appearances include The Russell Howard Hour (Sky), Drunk History: UK (Comedy Central), as well as writing and performing credits on BBC Three’s The Tapeface Tapes. Phil also co-wrote three comedy shorts- Phil’s Ill- for Dave. These won ‘Pick of the Day’ status in multiple publications including The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Mail.


So tune in to FUBAR RADIO on 14th MAY at 4pm to listen to Elf Interview Jonny and Phil and take you on a cinematic journey through music...

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