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Isolation! Pandemic! Online Content!


This is all very crazy isn't it?

Wherever you are, whoever you are with, I hope you are washing your hands, drinking enough water, getting a moment to walk around outside and get some fresh air and not panicking too much regarding the dystopian novel we are now living in.

Due to everything that has happened I now have no live performances scheduled for the next SIX MONTHS! (WHAT?!) Due to the fact I also have underlying health issues I am now cooped up in isolated rural England with my parents, so that is one other way I may become insane.

In the meantime - here are some little updates if you want to follow what I am up to in this incubation period:

1) I have a KO-FI page! If you would like to support £3 towards my work this helps with covering the absolute haemorraging loss of earnings that has occured due to this silly virus. Link is here:

2) I have a YOUTUBE page! Type in ELF LYONS and there are six videos uploaded so far. I have a new character called Saint Bernard who will be posting up a new music video every other day - so please chat to her via Youtube. You can also follow me on Instagram at @elflyons

3) Until a week ago I had NO IDEA what TWITCH was! But guess what? Now I have a TWITCH channel! I will be live streaming characters, one woman plays, stories etc etc at certain times and dates throughout the week! Follow me and log in to watch!

That is it for now!

Much love,

Elf x

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