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Comedy & Dramaturgy Online Mentoring Sessions!

Hello my wonders!

I really hope you are keeping well in this time and despite the weather being absolutely divine that you are still taking lockdown and social distancing seriously !

Fun announcement! For the last fortnight I have been teaching free group online clowning workshops and in the last week have taught 40+ hours of one-to-one (1hour) online mentoring sessions to artists and students of all different ages and disciplines throughout the world. These have been on a free and pwyw model.

It has been excellent and each session has been so exciting and inspiring. All over the world there are artists all creating and devising amazing work.

Although how I am no longer able to financially keep teaching for free / on a pwyw model- I have now set up a bookings system on my website for comedians and theatre practitioners to book one-on-one online sessions directly with me. I have made my prices as affordable and low in price in consideration of the current global and economic apocolypse we are in.

These can now be booked DIRECTLY via my website on my BOOK ONLINE page!

There are two sessions available - a comedy mentoring session where we work through exercises, ideas and formulate a plan to further your comedy routines and ideas on stage. The second is a Theatre & Dramaturgy session where having read your script before our session we pull it apart and work through any concerns you have.

Do pass on to any artists and theatre practitioners who you believe this would be of use to!

Finally, a huge thank you to the following angels who have supported my ko-fi over the last few months - making it financially possible for me to continue making online content and teach courses online. Without you I would be a big saggy mess....

Allan, Amy, Andrew, Barry , Bethany, Boris, Charlotte, Christian, Chris, David, D, Damien, Derek, Ella, Elza, Elisabeth, Harriet, Hannah, Harold, Ian, Imogen, James, Jude, Jasjot, John, Joana, Jonathan, Katharine, Keith, Lauren, Leslie, Lucy, Matthew, Mathew, Neale, Naomi, Patrick, Peiro, Philip, Phoebe, Roger, Richard, Rosamund, Romina Rachel, Robert. Stuart, Shirley, Sam, Sophie, Toby, Tim and Timothy!

(I have not included last names for obvious reasons)

Lots of love,


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