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DUFFY & ELF | VAULT Festival | Tickets on sale NOW


Wed 16th Feb - Sun 20th Feb

21:30,21:00,20:00 (60 mins)

Pit - The Vaults


Tickets are now on sale for DUFFY & I's brand new show.


Duffy and Elf are friends. Duffy speaks sign language, Elf doesn’t. Elf can speak. Duffy doesn’t. Let’s see how this works out…. On stage they love killing one another. Off stage they love pretending to kill one another. This is a comedy show. This is a bank heist. This is a horror show. This is a show about friendship. It is about a lot of things. And it will be in silence. Performed and written by award winning performers Elf Lyons & Duffy.

A physical show, with Visual Vernacular (VV), think mime but in High Definition, conducted entirely in British Sign Language and live sound foley.

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