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MAY 2015: Comedy Updates! - A round-up of comedy adventures and things to come...

What have I been up to?

May has been a whirlwind of comedy madness and it is odd to comprehend we are entering the last week of the month. It's gone by very quickly. It's been brilliant and it has been busy - from Paris, Berlin, Comic-Con, Camden Comedy Club to obscure late night parties in abandoned warehouses involving women in gimp-masks***.

Below are a few highlights of the month alongside an update of cool things to come....

Highlights of May.....

International Gigs.....

At the beginning of the month I gigged at the delicious cinematic venue SO Gymnasse in Paris - performing at both The New York Comedy Night on Friday 8th May and the Great British American Comedy Night on the 9th. Hosted upstairs in the historical parisian venue Théâtre du Gymnase in the theatre district this venue is packed full of English-speaking comedy lovers who either live in Paris or are visiting the city. On the nights I performed the feeling was happy and the line-up was international and high-quality. There seems to be a very strong collective of English speaking comedians who live in Paris, who all work together to get eachother gigs and perform across the city together. It was a very supportive atmosphere. If you are visiting Paris, either as a comic or as a tourist, I highly recommend it.

Alongside Paris, I stopped by Berlin with fellow comic and best friend Sam Dodgin. We performed at Adorable Creatures at KussKuss in Neukolln. From what I gaged whilst I was in Berlin, the comedy scene in the capital city of Germany is a diverse and distinctive beast. There are fewer gigs than there are in London and Paris but each night is PACKED with a keen and enthusiastic audience, which is great for the comedians who live there. In the cosy back room of KussKuss, a hippy vegan cafe, the tiered seats of the venue were rammed with a very fashionable young audience - many of whom were regular supporters of the local comedy scene. Again, the line-up was very international - with acts from Norway, Italy, Amsterdam, England and Germany - and a mixture of pros, semi-pros and first timers. This diversity meant it was the perfect room to play about with new ideas. The local comedians Sam and I met were incredibly welcoming too which was a bonus.

Barbarella costume designs with Hayley Cherkas...

Alongside jet-setting I've been getting all the design elements in place for Being Barbarella. Hayley Cherkas is a second year Womenswear student at Central Saint Martins. Her tailoring and simple eccentric futuristic designs really caught my eye and I've been very lucky to get her on board with my show. We are working collectively to design an innovative space- outift for the Edinburgh run of Being Barbarella - a costume which both pays homage to the original film and it's sixties textures and shapes whilst also standing on its own as a distinctive costume for my show, with unique tailored references to the show's jokes and themes.



We are coming to the end of our time at Paper Dress Vintage before it closes down, but this Wednesday's gig at Paper Dress is a talented eclectic line-up of some of my favourite comedians on the London circuit. I'll be m.c-ing as per. Acts include ALEX KEALY (Hobgoblin Comedy Award Finalist 2015), ELLIOT STEEL (So You Think You Are Funny Finalist 2014), IAN LANE (New Comedian of the Year Finalist 2014) and MATTHEW WINNING (BBC New Comedy Awards Finalist 2012). Doors at 8pm with a start time at 8.30pm. £4 on the door. High chances of debauchery and laughter.


On Friday at Camden Comedy Club (situated above The Camden Head in Camden) the amazing Felicity Ward and I will be previewing our Edinburgh Fringe shows. Doors are at 7pm with a sharp start at 7.30pm. Tickets are only £5 and booking online is ADVISED. Don't be a turd and miss out because you forgot to book. Details here.


This month I was called up by organisers of the Isle of Wight Festival and asked if I could compere and organise the line-up for the Zebra Comedy Club, taking place in one of the boutique stages at the Isle of Wight Festival. This is an amazing opportunity and I was really touched and thrilled to be asked. I have always wanted to perform at the Isle of Wight Festival, and now, not only do I get to do that, but I also get to programme other comedians who I believe are truly fantastic! Thus, On the 14th of June at 9pm, come to the Zebra tent to watch me M.C a line-up which includes JOE HART, SAM DODGIN, TAMAR BROADBENT and FAYE TREACY. All young, vibrant, alternative comedy-beasts - these guys are going to be very big, so make sure you catch them (and me *cough* ) before Fleetwood Mac come on stage....


Open City Documentary Festival is a 6 day festival in London during June 2015. The programme 'offers a chance to see the best in contemporary, international documentary as well as filmmaker Q&As, industry panels, workshops, live music, networking and parties'. The aim of Open City is to create 'an open space in London to nurture and champion the art of creative documentary and non-fiction filmmakers.'

As part of this amazing festival I have been asked by the organisers of the festival to M.C and organise a really exciting event. On the 20th of June audiences will be invited to sit on a moving London bus. It will tour some of the most beautiful sights of London during sunset, all while four professional London based comedians perform unique and immersive stand-up comedy to the seated audience. This is an immersive and typically barmy British event.

The line-up includes AMY HOWERSKA, MATTHEW HIGHTON, JOE HART and ANGUS DUNICAN and I'll be the M.C. Tickets are £10. Booking is advised as this event is one-of-a-kind.


The owner of The Canvas, Ruth, is an delightful creative gem and I'm super excited to be working with her on this new creative endevour. The Canvas is a cafe and creative venue in Shoreditch, East London that opened in October 2014. The walls are a 'blank canvas for your thoughts, ideas, secrets and stories, and they’re open to everyone'. The venue boasts an incredible line-up of events, talks, exhibitions and film screenings which are open to all.

Thus, as The Secret Comedians comes to an end, it is time to take up a new venture. Inspired by the talented clowns I met at the Adelaide Fringe this eyar, I want to create a night which is specifically for clowns in London = performers who are doing something different with an audience = with an ethos that encourages scratch ideas, risk taking and spontaneity. A night which is specifically for 'play'.

The launch will be on the 28th of June, from 4pm until 6pm in the downstairs performance space. Acclaimed performers and clowns HELEN DUFF, IESTYN EVANS and THE STORY BEAST will be playing about with new ideas. I'll be M.C. The objective is that it is lighthearted and relaxed, so grab a coffee and come down. It's PWYC.


And there you have it... some exciting new events I'm organising.

If you want to see me perform don't forget to check out my 'Gigs' page....

*** weirdest holiday ever.

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