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What the H£LL is Economics? New Economics Podcast by Elf Lyons and Dr Gerard Lyons!

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

I am so excited to announce that Dr Gerard Lyons, (my dad), and I are finally releasing our own podcast called What the H£LL is Economics? Written and created by Gerard and I, and produced by the awesome Danny Garlick.

What the H£LL is Economics is a new podcast where we encourage you to stimulate your inner GDP and understand what the fudge Fiscal policy actually is – without using any latin word, or graphs. As you can't see them, it's a podcast.

My dad, Dr Gerard Lyons, is an economist. He gives lectures, (but only when asked, he’s not a nuisance). I am a comedian, or, according to one newspaper "an ungainly absurdist female comedian with very long arms”.

My dad thinks Economics is awesome. Because he thinks economics is awesome, I think it is awesome. But not everyone agrees. Some people think it is bloody boring and complicated. In What the H£LL is Economics we are here to prove otherwise!

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