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75 Years at the Edinburgh Fringe - The Telegraph

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

75 Years at the Edinburgh Fringe - The Telegraph

The Telegraph asked performers to contribute their oddest and most eccentric experiences of the Edinburgh Fringe, below is Elf's contribution!

In 2009, I was 18 and working at the Forest Fringe. An eclectic group of artists and vagabonds would volunteer, put on shows and party until 5am. I worked the bar, had no experience and tried to remember to stop falling in love with everyone.One night a stoned Australian woman said she was organizing a Naked Cabaret the next morning and asked if I would do a set. I politely declined. She then told me there was afree buffet. I graciously accepted. 12 hours later, I was in a basement with 100 naked individuals who all looked like they’d stepped out of Shawshank alongside a plate of tepid cocktail sausages. Acts and audience had to take their clothes off to ‘The Final Countdown’. At the end a couple got out a large sacrificial dance and performed a fertility ritual. I then did my 2nd ever stand up set.

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