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TEACHING: Comedy Intensive 4X Week Course - Unattended Items

Exciting announcement. I am now working with the team behind the super Rosemary Branch Theatre, Unattended Items, to deliver a four week, multidisciplinary course!


Elf Lyons and Unattended Items Comedy and Clown Intensive 4 Week Course Award winning comedian Elf Lyons will be leading a dynamic collaborative 4 week course, focussing on how to devise work, feel out your 'Clown' and how to structure a future solo show.

Each week we will focus on a different specific element of creating work and performing in front of an audience - playing with failure and taking risks.


Dates include:

SUNDAY 10th March 11am to 4pm at Rosemary Branch Theatre SUNDAY 17th March 11am to 4pm at Rosemary Branch Theatre SUNDAY 24rd March 11am to 4pm at Rosemary Branch Theatre SUNDAY 31th March - 11am to 6pm at Rosemary Branch Theatre - Including a one hour performance at 5pm at the Rosemary Branch Theatre, open to the public. *****

There will be a final performance on the 31st October at 5pm (60) to showcase a selection of the work that has been generated by the participants over the four weeks - in the form of a one hour cabaret show.

This will be open to the public and advertised on the Rosemary Branch Theatre website.

Working with forms such as live music, re-enactment, puppetry, clownin and stand-up among others– Elf will work hands on with you to develop your ideas and create a show in an action packed, determined and resourceful way.

In order to maximise the time spent with each individual, there are only TEN PLACES available on the course. Commitment to all four dates is imperative in order to take part. If you are interested in attending - please send a short application to Please tell me about the following: :Who you are! : The work you are inspired by! : The work you dream to create : What you wish to get out of the course and what you feel you need.


The cost for the entire course is £270 for dults and £250 for students.

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