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Hilda & The Spectrum


Hilda & The Spectrum is an eccentric drag spectacle devised by Ryan Lane and Elf Lyons. They have performed at the Edinburgh Festival, The Glory, The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society among other amazing venues and queer spaces.

Here is the bio...

Weird comedy soul mates* Elf and Ryan perform their debut show. Part clown show, part autobiography, it's an absurd, camp comedy about ping-pong, the DDR and Angela Lansbury.

Expect improvisation, time travel**, niche film references and lemons.

Imagine The X-Men on a budget (this is because one of the characters has telekinesis and we have had to do a lot of mime for the effects we can't afford). It's going to be brilliant. And weird.

Love E and R.

*Ryan really didn't want Elf to write soul mates.

**Budget allowing.

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