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ACX5A0606 (c) Andy Hollingworth Archive.
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The Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee (Best Show 2017) presents her one-woman musical about the economy.


You read that right. Let's get fiscal. The queen of clown is back and she's making the dismal science fun with a whole orchestra and an Invisible Hand. 


Who better to take on the economy than the daughter of an economist? Elf will be pulling apart our fiscal situation while singing about Japan, tap-dancing to South Korea and clowning around with Brexit. All in the style of the diva in the red sparkly dress, Liza Minnelli. 


Directed by Aitor Basauri from Spymonkey. 

“It is an excellent, wonderfully bizarre hour of comedy and economics which doesn’t lead to deflation.” 

★★★★★ Voice

"You certainly cannot fault Elf Lyons’s ambition, When it comes to comedy, Lyons is hardly lacking in assets.. The pixieish performer is a compelling physical presence, throwing shapes, pulling faces and generally prancing around like a loon."

★★★★ Evening Standard 

“Elf Lyons is a uniquely talented comedian and she takes funny to places no one else does, to places no one else even knows.”

★★★★ The Scotsman

“It’s hilarious and, as Lyon’s dad is the economist and Dead Kennedy’s fan Gerard Lyons, also weirdly accurate”                                                  

★★★★ The Times    


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