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Elf's Diary Blog Entry #11 - Duck Flu & Ghost Grandad

Nothing brings joy more easilly than gooogling pictures of Elton John. If you don't believe me, do it NOW.

Finally back in the cavernous warmth of my bed. Future Isands 'Back in the Tall Grass' is playing. It is my January anthem. You can't help but sing it outloud. Again, after you've googled Elton, do it NOW.

I've concluded that all weeks should end spent in the company of Amy Howerska. If you don't know her, check out her website. A dream woman. She makes me feel like a kinder, stronger, more empowered version of Genghis Khan. Not only a cracking comedian but the type of friend all girls should have. We both performed at comedy in Kilburn and afterwards we sat up at the bar like two old Joan River's wannabees, our red wines in hand. It was like a uncut scene from Bridgit Jones (I was Bridgit). I got to 'headline' which meant that not only did I get unlimited alcohol and a roast dinner, but I got to have a longer breakdown on stage than the other acts. Wunderbar.

I texted my folks I was performing there - my mother replied "Your Grandad Station used to go to that pub, his ghost was probably watching you XXX".

Despite the oddness, in hindsight the idea that my old Irish catholic grandad was watching my set,(with whisky in hand), brings me great joy. I have a feeling he would have liked my stuff. He was a lover of good word play. P

Rehearsals for Duck Flu are going swimmingly. We rehearsed in a room that was suitable for a location for a British Independent zombie horror film, which seems apt with the narrative of Duck Flu. Thom Thuck is a concise raconteur and I really enjoy working with him and Harriet Kemsley. It is so terrifying having written something, and then choosing to act, produce and direct it. It's an arguably ridiculous challenge to set oneself. What was I thinking? Yet, despite how nervous I am , I feel at ease in the company of these two, and they both have such a good eye for creating laughs. I am learning a lot and I cannot wait for Thursday. I get to stroke Harriet a lot. So that's awesome.

Overall, solid day. Must sleep.

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