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Elf's Diary Entry #16 - A small joyful post

Duck Flu is completed!

Many obscure things have occurred in the last 24 hours. It is pretty unbelievable how much love a body can emotionally give - my body is fit to burst. It is impractical to go through all the comic interactions and lovely intimacies that have happened since yesterday night - the key reasons being 1) time (I should go to sleep soon) and 2) I have too much alcohol in my system to type properly (blame the gang who came to see Duck Flu tonight and bought the rounds of whisky I graciously consumed). All I can really write is that I am very, very lucky to have such delicious friends.

Crucially, it is the satisfaction of completing Duck Flu that is the most prominent emotion currently. It feels like a warm slow tingling array of joy is curving down my spine, warming its way into my outer limbs ( a bit like sitting in a perfectly hot bath). I am relishing the satisfaction of knowing I completed my first challenge of 2015. Out of all my projects for this year, getting Duck Flu out in the public eye was the most nerve wracking. Having your own writing and your own characters scrutinized and judged by others is hideously terrifying. On top of that, the fact I chose to (arguably foolishly) write it, direct it and act in it at the same time, alongside producing the goddamn thing, proved to be a far more mammoth task than I realised. It feels good however to reflect on the awesomely positive reactions from audience members and their useful feedback. There is much to improve but not only have I gained more confidence, but more ideas have spawned from the experience. Also, it's been so long since I have been anyone other than myself on stage, it's been a good experience to relearn the art of camoflague! Doing so alongside Harriet Kemsley and Thom Tuck has been brilliant too. They are both phenomonal human beings.

It's 1:38am now. I am in bed. Last night I heard Sammy Davis Jnr's version of 'My Funny Valentine' and it broke my heart, it was so beautiful. I cannot stop enjoying it. Earlier I danced around my room to HelloGoodbye and managed to complete a very enthusastic (but technically flawed) cartwheel across my bed.

Sometimes the best moments in life are when you have loud music on and space to move like a wilderbeast.

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