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Elf's Diary Entry #17 - Gym, Gigs, Italian Food and FEMINISM!


So I have effectivley bollocked up my whole 'Dry January' thing with the last four days being a complete wipe out on my liver. But ah well, there is still time to recover.


I've been in the gym and the yogo studio almost every day. The aim is to get my pre-10k buns of steel and washboard abs back. Cannot recommend Core at Fierce Grace North enough. It is the best class for anyone who wants to feel a little more Lara Croft and a little less jelly baby. Also, PURE GYM is open 24 hours. EVERY DAY. And it's only £25 a month, with unlimited classes. Bargain.

I enjoy the gym, I love how everyone is equal there. Everyone just gets on with their shit. All shapes and sizes work around eachother on grey pieces of powerful machinery - all working to their own goals and their limits.

What I can't get my head around though, is WHY SO MANY WOMEN TAKE PHOTOS OF THEMSELVES IN THE GYM? I've seen this enough now to realise it's not a random annomonaly but some weird craze.

I wouldn't really care at all if it wasn't for the fact often these photo sessions take more time than the average spinning class and often cause a genuine queue for gym mats, weights and space in the mirror.

Yesterday I didn't even really comprehend I spent 45 mins on a cross trainer (the machine, not a personal one) because I was too bemused observing the girls in front of me who spent FOURTY FIVE MINUTES taking pics of themselves squatting in front of the mirror with weights around their feet (which they were not even lifting..... they were just for show). I can't get my head around it, but for some reason it annoys me greatly. Mainly becuase they always take the weights I need.....


I went for dinner with the delightful Maddi Ridley on Saturday. We were cucooned together in the corner of a really brilliant italian restaurant which rests on the crossroads of Parkway in Camden. Our aim was to devour some hardcore carbs before the final show of Duck Flu. The restaurant is a quintissential italian restaurant with the red chequred table cloths, long candles, fresh bowels of pasta, and Andrea Bocelli and Pavarotti playing in the background. I can't for the life of me remember it's name, but it's easy to spot and I do recommend you go in. It's very romantic actually. It was bursting with people all nestled closley together, all leaning to hear what everyone else was saying. Lots of character.

Maddi is a glorious creature. I heartilly recommend you follow her on twitter and instagram. She is a talented actress and an incredibly smart girl. No doubt she'll take the acting world by storm.


Yesterday, before trekking off to the BOUNCE Christmas Party, I got to take part in the fantastic launch event for YOUNG FEMINISTS LONDON. Check them out. No More Page 3 and 50:50 Parliament were some of the many interesting and empowering speakers on, and it was great to perform to a room of such excited, open minded and fresh people, all interested in discovering their own version of feminism. The organisers should reward themselves greatly for organising such a successful and needed collective.


This is Maddi. Isn't she cute?

RIGHT. I am off to Cambridge tonight to perform at Wolfson Howler. Very excited. Great line-up. Really looking forward to seeing Ed Gamble compere.

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