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Australian Adventure #3 - First Show - Welcome to Adelaide

I should have written last night, but no word of a lie, I sat up in bed, with my laptop, at about 9.30pm Australian time and that's all I can remember. I woke up at 3am, lying in the same position with my laptop. I had conked out with post-show exhaustion. Now I was energetic and with an absolute pang for food like David Bowie in The Hunger in 1983. One pizza delivery later and all was amended, back to sleep I went and now it's 8:23am and I feel more human. A bloated human.

Arriving in Adelaide at 1pm I arrived at the place I'm staying and managed to settle all my bits and pieces in. I then realised one crucial error in my packing ways. I'd packed NO bras or underpants or socks. ROOKIE ERROR. The key essentials to hold up (literally) any outfit. A trip to Target was on the cards. Possibly the most exciting experience of my life. Target, if you've ever been, is like a more clean and organised Primark. With EVERYTHING. Imagine Woolworths and Primark combined. I felt like a 13 year old all over again. I went wild. I even bumped into a woman on the escalator and exclaimed "OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST SHOP EVER". She clearly assumed I was a very lonely person.

Anyways, the key part of yesterday was that I did my first show. In my wonderful, petite, carpeted little room at the kooky venue The Producers. It was a packed room, which was wonderful, but the heat was immense, so I need to work out how to make sure I don't die in my costume (which is not heat friendly). All the other acts at the festival are immensely supportive and the support network and community between everyone is a great relief to an alien comic such as myself. Swapping numbers and fb details with people, there is a clear attitdue that we are all in this together. I left the venue feeling ridiculously excited and hopeful for the rest of the fest.

Other than that, a child saw me in the lift and burst into tears. The least friendly Australian I've met so far. Should have probably taken my shark costume off.

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