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Clowning & Comedy Workshop at Total Arts at Cambridge Junction!

It was a delight to get to teach clowning and comedy to Total Arts at Cambridge Junction on Saturday 18th November!

I have not laughed so much in so long.

Total Arts are a participation group for disabled young people based at the Cambridge Junction and the whole ensemble brought support, mayhem and collaboration to the mix. The praise and support for one another as we all tried new things out was exactly what I needed this week. It is wicked getting to explore what makes each of us funny and when you see someone find IT, damn that is the best.

Studying how to teach and being a teacher was one of the best decisions I ever made, regardless of how exhausting and mentally draining it was at points.

I love being able to work with artists of all ages and experiences here, there and everywhere, getting to share tips and tricks on how to make work, try things out, flop, fail and succeed and laugh in the process.

Trying to be funny is like trying to find our keys in the dark, it always takes a few knocks and silly choices and then eventually we find what we needed. Just gotta trust the process and create those safe, silly spaces.

Everyone is funny, everyone can be a clown. It’s about finding those fun and secure places to access it.

Gavin, Beth, Katie, Rebecca and Rebecca, thank you!

If you’re interested I will be teaching more workshops around the UK and beyond in 2024. Sign up to my mailing list for details.

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