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Elf & Duffy: Heist at the Edinburgh Fringe!

Duffy and I have only 5 shows left at the Monkey Barrel and so far so good!

Erin and Ciaran our interpreters have been wonderful and each day is different.

The show has been described as "A Pajama Men Show on Speed" (The Guardian), an "Hour of Madness and Mayhem" (The Stage) and unlike any show audience members and reviewers have seen before!

The audience reaction has been incredible and it is so wonderful to perform to a deaf and hearing audience every night.

Making a show in BSL with mime, visual vernacular and live sound effects is not easy. Sure it is a clown show and thus light, absurdist and joyful without a 'serious meaning' at the 40 minute mark, but that does not mean it lacks great skill, focus and integrity. I am so proud of what Duffy and I have achieved. We've never made anything like this before! To perform in English and British Sign Language is a challenge and I love doing it every single day.

Comments so far have included:

With love to you all!

Elf xxx

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