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Elf's 21Soho House of Horrors Christmas Special! 21 December

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

HELLO! Scary news! After a sold out House of Horrors we are arriving at 21Soho on the 21st December!

I will be hosting a special Nightmares Before Christmas. The line-up is spectacular and just for you I can announce we have the following super artists...

  • Ventriloquist Nina Conti!

  • Horror expert from Sky's The A to Z of Horror Movies... Nabil Abdulrashid!

  • Fallen Angel & Lipsync1000 finalist Paris Eatmall

  • The Pajama Men's Shenoah Allen

  • Bouffon nightmare MoonFace

  • The Twins from The Shining... Lorna Rose-Treen and Jonathan Oldfield

  • Filmmaker and horror weirdo Matthew Highton

I would advise booking now. Ticket link here The venue is wheelchair accessible and I am working on finding a captioner. Will make announcements on socials if this is able to happen. Fingers crossed.


A Merry Scary Christmas.


21 Soho, London

7.30pm onwards!

Join the bloody funny Elf Lyons for an evening of Christmas ghosts , gremlins and tales of terror as we celebrate all things that go bump down the chimney.

Witness the best and most horrifying comedians from the alternative comedy scene as they celebrate what makes us shiver once the Christmas lights turn off!

Get a glass of Redrum and come play with us, forever and ever.

It will be a misery if you can't come. We have such sights to show you!

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