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Season 2 of Elfonomics is out now! Listen, Share & Subscribe!

Updated: Apr 30

Season 2 #Elfonomics with @elf_lyons and @drgerardlyons is out now and available to listen to wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Please listen, subscribe, share and give us a wonderful 5 star review...

I am so incredibly proud of this podcast. Danny, Gerard (Big G) and I have worked hard to bring an array of episodes which are informative, clear-cut and fun.

Listen to the following NOW:

What the H£ll is the Edinburgh Fringe?

What the H£ll is the Cost of Living Crisis?

What the H£ll is the Green Economy?

Why can't I buy a house?

What the H£ll is a Smart City?

Why are Weddings so expensive?

Why is everything Made in China?

Why are Vets so expensive?

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Produced by Danny Garlick

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