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NEW EPISODES! WTHEconomics! Listen now!

Final episodes of Series 1 of Elf and Dr Gerard Lyons's podcast WTHEconomics Podcast are out now!

Have a listen!

Episode 4:Why Can't Elf Buy A House?

In this episode Elf asks her dad 'Why Can't She Buy A House' and is it possible to live in a parking space? From growing populations, rising house prices and the changing landscape of HOW we live now, Elf and Dr Gerard Lyons try to work out what the future is for home owners across the UK.

Episode 5: What the H£LL is a Smart City?

In this episode Elf asks her dad 'What is a Smart city?' and if there are smart cities, does that mean there are silly cities? Gerard talks about the changing face of cities around the world and what we can expect from cities in the future...

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