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New Workshop: The Power of Play - Clowning for Non-Performers

A day of clowning, play and pleasure for performers and non-performers using clowning exercises.


Saturday 22nd April

10.30 to 6pm.

Omnibus Theatre

Clapham, London


Whether you are a father of three, a mother of seven, a taxidermist, a dominatrix who needs a giggle, the world’s most boring accountant, or an estate agent that has never laughed in your life… there is something in this workshop for you.

This is a holistic, fun and open workshop for those who are overworked, ‘in the shit’ and who simply need to re-energise their relationship with their body. This is a workshop catered for those who feel like their world and outlook has been overtaken by stress and the serious.

This is not about being ‘funny’, or about being the best ‘performer’. This is about regaining confidence in ourselves and our ability to connect with others through simple, fun and kind exercises routed in clown methodology.


Elf Lyons is a qualified teacher, experienced theatre practitioner and comedian with years of experience teaching adults how to ‘find the funny’ and the power of play - utilising it in their day to day lives.

Elf has worked as a teacher in secondary school education and also as the Soho Theatre’s Comedy Labs workshop facilitator.


Workshop is from 10.30 to 6pm.

Cost of workshop is £70.

To book a space please email Elf Lyons at with the subject ‘The Power of Play’ and your name and answer the following questions:

What’s my name:

Here is a little bit about me and why I want to do this workshop:

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