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Tickets on sale! 'Elf Lyons & Enemies!'

' Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'

Join me on the 24th September at the Battersea Arts Centre and on the 4th October at the Phoenix Arts Club as a I host two vibrant and vivacious events celebrating the talents of my nemeses. Clowns, Comedy, Poetry, Drag and Duels! All for the price of an expensive glass of red wine!

If you are bored of lockdown well I can promise cat fights, duels, trash talking and comedic excellence - all in the space of 2 hours!



Line-Up for the 24th September at the BAC includes... - The evil MR JOHN ROBERTSON - The terrifying FRANKIE THOMPSON - The maleficent LILY PHILLIPS - The verbally abusive CHRISTIAN DIOR - The passive aggressive CHARLIE GEORGE - The sexually aggressive NORRIS & PARKER

All hosted by 'The Ordeal' that is me.

24th September Battersea Arts Centre £15 / £13 Tickets here:


Line-Up for the 4th October at the Phoenix Arts Club includes.....

- The niche & nasty ANDY FIELD - The physically bombastic HELEN DUFF - The horrible HUGE DAVIES - The nemesis RICHARD ENERGY - The visually terrifying JOEY PAGE - The anarchic & Welsh RYAN LANE

Tickets here:

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