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Elf Update! New Content, Short Horror Stories and Online Mentoring!

Hey you!

Hope you are keeping well and looking after yourself in this strange and terrifying time!

Below are a couple of comedy updates to keep you distracted if that is what you need right now.

Much love,

Elf x



Over lockdown I have been experimenting with various art forms other than comedy.

One area that I love more than anything is horror. Here is the first short horror story I wrote whilst in lockdown.

You can download a copy of EXEAT below.

Download • 137KB

I also recorded an audio recording of the first ever draft - this can be listened to here.



Subscribe to my SOUNDCLOUD page and you can listen to my new characters MELISANDRE and SAINT BERNARD alongside THE SPECTRUM TAPES!.

If visual comedy is up your street, you can now watch my comedy characters on my Youtube channel. Make sure you subscribe to get the newest updates!

You can listen to my appearance on Ep 1 of Some Sunny Podcast with Rory Bremner among others on acast - click here to listen!

If you missed out on my new character NIGEL III - SEA MONSTER - he recently featured on Stuart Goldsmith's Infinite Sofa - click here to watch!



I am now offering one-on-one online classes and tutorials in theatre making, dramaturgy, comedy writing and clowning.

Each session is designed around YOU.

For June and July I am offering these one-on-one classes at a highly discounted rate of £20 an hour for Comedy Mentoring and £30 an hour for Theatre & Dramaturgy

These sessions can be booked via my website on the BOOK ONLINE page! Do pass the word to friends and family members who need advise or a kick up the bum with their writing :D




Love to you all.

Please stay safe in this time.


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